diy sage smudging stick to cleanse your energy + clear your space

I don't have many routines or habits, but the one I do have is cleansing my space by burning sage. The use of burning incense or using smoke to connect humans to the universe/spirit world can be traced way back, as far as Ancient Greece. I encourage you to try out this meditative and calming practice, and to make your own sage with this DIY.

I was inspired to make my own smudging stick oddly enough by my Christmas tree. This year, I hung herbs on string in the shape of a tree - which worked wonderfully for my apartment! Over time, they had dried out, perfect for bundling. 

You don't need much to create your own. Some dried herbs (I used white sage and thyme) and string is it. Additionally, you can add in some dried flowers for colour. Just be aware they burn quickly and don't smell as nice during the process. 

It is a bit of a messy process to make your own sage bundle because the dried herbs want to crumble all over. Handle them gently and be prepared to clean up after. But layer the herbs in a bundle and wrap them up tightly with your string. Start from the bottom and above all ensure that is tied tight, if the top of your bundle is more loose that's okay. 

Now don't be stupid when you burn them, this is fire you're talking about. Dried herbs can catch fire quite quickly so be careful and pay attention. The bundle can smolder for some time so be sure it's put out entirely before putting it away. 

To learn more about the history and reasons for smudging and sage sticks, check out this great read from Mind, Body Green.