make balance non-negotiable

Someone asked me once 'how do you do it all?' Wait, scratch that. Almost everyone I encounter asks me, 'how do you do it all and stay sane?'

You see, when they ask me what I do, all these words come tumbling out of my mouth. PR manager. Business owner. Goal coach. Body care maker. Mental health advocate. Scholarship founder. Yeah, I get it. It must sound like a lot. To me, it fits in my life pretty naturally. 

But that sanity part? That's the part that can get me in trouble. 

I'm not always perfect, and sometimes things get out of balance. In fact, I can get caught up in this whirlwind of work and sleep that I forget there is life outside of those two concepts. So I have to be really mindful, and intentional about where I spend my time. 

The game changer lately has been spin class. Once a week ritual of hard-core sweating for 45 minutes. It forces me to check in with my health and remind myself how important it is that I take care of my body. I usually go with a friend (what up Steph!) and get in some necessary social time. Then I fuel post-class with juice that makes me feel good inside.

stole this bad-boy from the Eastwood website

stole this bad-boy from the Eastwood website

This is how I stay sane. This is how I do it all - by carving out time to do things outside of work. Outside of the insanity. Including it in the routine. Making it a habit. Making it non-negotiable. From there, the rest falls into place.