weekend reads vol. 1

Photo by  Erin Sousa , featured on  Glitter Guide .

Photo by Erin Sousa, featured on Glitter Guide.

Welcome to my newest feature, Weekend Reads, volume 1. I love a good, inspiring article and am constantly seeking out new content. I find I gain so much by reading quality work - and I want to share that with you! 

Every Friday I will share some of the work I find most inspiring and motivating. Something you can digest over breakfast on Saturday morning or before bed on Sunday. I love a good weekend read. 

Source:  Viktor Hanacek

6 Tips for the Perfect Road Trip

from The Every Girl

My wanderlust spirit is strong. I can't afford a car, but I still find myself dreaming of long drives through mountains and to far away oceans. Coming up in February I have two weekend get-aways planned: one to the gorgeous Okanagan wine country and the other to Vancouver Island's quiet, waterside oasis. So these tips not only help me prepare for my travels, but they're getting me real excited to escape for a few days!

 Source:  Erin Sousa

 Source: Erin Sousa

A Pretty Pink DIY Dresser IKEA Hack

from Glitter Guide

Working in PR for a chalk-style paint company always has me thinking about redecorating my home. Styling and decor does not come natural to me, so this wonderful DIY is a great tool to help boost my interior design juices. My dresser is broken, making a great excuse to recreate this look myself. I love that gorgeous pink and the simple but impactful styling. Certainly motivating me to freshen up my home!

Brand IT Girl's Top 5 Productivity Secrets

from Best Friends For Frosting

Who doesn't want to be a more efficient, happier worker? I find productivity is crucial to balance, happiness and success in the office and at home. When you are organized and efficient, your head is clearer and less stressed. It's win-win really. Brand IT Girl has some really great tips for productivity success in this article on Best Friends For Frosting. Give it a read and enter your next week prepped for success!

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