weekend reads vol. 2

Source:  Glitter Guide

Welcome to volume 2 of Weekend Reads! I've really loved reading up on mindfulness and current trends while thinking about what I would share with you this week! This weekend, we're looking at clean bedrooms, clean eating and clean moods!

5 Ways To Improve Your Mood

from Alicia Fashionista

The other day was #BellLetsTalk day in Canada. It may be a PR campaign from Bell, but has dramatically made a difference in how we talk about mental health and has allowed organizations like The Vibrant Lives Foundation to grab more of a foothold in their communities. So I was inspired by this post from Alicia Fashionista on 5 ways to improve your mood. 

Source:  Pure Green Mag

A Non-Toxic Bedroom

from Pure Green Magazine

This read blew my mind! I knew our bodies worked hard to rebuild while we slept, but I had no idea on all the incredible things that happen while we sleep! Did you know our brain actually flushes metabolic waste during our sleep? I have got to catch more zzz's! 

All that aside, the article delves into trouble areas in our bedrooms that are harmful for us. It's not a light and easy read! But it really gets you thinking about how you can infuse healthier options into a crucial part of your home. I encourage you to give it a look!

Source:  Glitter Guide

A Chat With Dillon Tisdel of Oh, Holy Basil

from Glitter Guide

There are so many inspiring aspects to this article! First, Dillon writes an amazing food blog and takes a unique philosophy to her eating. I loved learning more about the Ayurvedic holistic system of medicine with really interesting theories on food. Plus, Dillon talks about life as a food blogger with tips that apply to any entrepreneur or blogger! A great mix of fun and educational.

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