weekend reads vol. 3

It's a long weekend for us in BC, and I've given myself an extra long weekend by taking today off work! So I pulled up some good reads to make the most of the Family Day.

Source:  Erin Ireland

Source: Erin Ireland

How This Meat-Fuelled Student Athlete Became Plant-Based

from To Die For Vancouver

I love Erin Ireland. She is one of the most real, down-to-earth and inspiring humans I have had the pleasure of meeting. Reading her honest story of becoming vegan will have you thinking about your food decisions and how you can be a little more mindful in your meals. 

Source:  The Everygirl

Wine Education And Tasting 101

from The Everygirl

I'm spending my long-weekend in wine country. So I thought I would inspire you to be in the wine mood with me, using this guide from The Everygirl. There's even a great how-to on hosting your own wine tasting! 

How To Style Flirty And Feminine Tulle Skirts With Beautulleful

from Best Friends For Frosting

For years, I have dreamed of owning a tulle skirt. I'm no fashionista though, so without this guide I would never have known how to wear it casually therefor making it worth the investment. But even if you don't dream of tulle, the stunning photos in this read will go well over your morning coffee.

Megan te Boekhorst