weekend reads vol. 4

Took a bit of a break from the blog these past couple weeks. Work became absolutely insane and balance needed to be achieved. But there are a lot of exciting things coming down the pipeline and I'm chomping at the bit to share them all with you!

But for now, some seriously good reads. 

Source:  Elite Daily

Source: Elite Daily

4 Ways To Switch Out Your Beauty Staples For All-Natural Products

From Elite Daily

I'm still working to switch fully to all-natural products, from cleaning to body care. It's part of why I started Karuna after all. So these four ways help me out!

Source:  Levo

Source: Levo

What 12 Successful People Do During Their Morning Routine

from Levo

I'm the type who wants to be a morning person. So checking out what successful people actually do with the extra time in the morning inspires me to actually roll out of bed at a decent hour!

Source:  Glitter Guide

10 Things Healthy People Do Before Bed

from Glitter Guide

Well, if we're talking about what people do when they wake up, we might as well talk about what we should do before bed. Am I right?

Megan te Boekhorst