coffee ready creamy almond mylk

Ever since I cut out regular milk from my diet, I've drastically cut out even its alternatives. I love nut mylks, don't get me wrong. But I don't seem to find myself desiring them. I'd much rather drink water.

That being said, I need a splash of almond mylk in my coffee. Store bought brands are always too watered down and I didn't particularly care for the flavour of recipes I found online. I like a rich, creamy mylk. It compliments my mood for the morning. So I threw together my own mix one day and found something I can no longer live without.

It was an experiment I captured on Snapchat. So to not miss exciting moments such as it, be sure to follow inasequoia!

Like any almond mylk recipe, soak your almonds overnight. I used two cups of organic almonds, plus two extra handfuls for extra richness. When you wake up, drain and rinse with cool water before tossing them in the blender with two cups of filtered water. 

The extra handful of almonds is the first part of what makes this recipe so necessary in my life. The second part is the vanilla and cinnamon. I add in a generous amount of vanilla and I don't skimp on the quality. I'm heartbroken to be on the last of the vanilla I received from Mexico, so I'll have to find a new source soon. But I digress, the key part is quality. Same with the cinnamon. I love the organic brand I picked up in Save-On Foods, pictured above. Two dashes of it, then I blend it all up 

On my to-do list is to invest in a good nut mylk bag, because what you see in the photo above is no help. Either way, squeezing the mylk from the almond pulp mixture is my arm workout for the week! 

And that's it! Easiest recipe of my life, plus I get to experiment with all the ways to use the left over pulp. Last time I tried making vegan meatballs. It didn't go over well, so I'm still playing. 

It's so rich, creamy and pairs perfectly with my morning cup. Give it a go and let me know what you think!