a month of dry brushing

It's almost crazy to say it, but Summer is on its way. And it's time to get our skin ready for it! As I've shared before, my skin doesn't like most things - shaving, yeast, sunlight, my weight... Anything and everything seems to set off a bad (and not pretty) reaction. 

So I try anything and everything. Hey, its why I created my own skin care line! But recently I've tried dry brushing and I have to say, I am impressed! 

Dry brushing is when you take a natural bristle brush and, starting at your feet, brush your skin with long, sweeping strokes. Always brush in the direction of your heart in order to gain the circulation benefits. It can be quite sensitive at first, but your skin will get used to it. 

Besides the benefits of a good, gentle exfoliation, dry brushing helps unclog your skin's pores and allows the largest organ on your body to properly excrete internal toxins. It stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces cellulite! 

Dry brushing on-and-off for the past month has certainly helped improve my skin tone. It's so much more even and helps with my scaring. Be sure to follow up with moisturizer after the shower, I've been terrible at doing so and my skin has become really dry. 

If you give it a try, let me know what you think! Share your experiences in the comments below!