vibrant and inspiring - an update on the vibrant lives foundation

Those of you who are newer to In A Sequoia may not know about The Vibrant Lives Foundation. So here's a quick recap. 

Vibrant Lives began as a storytelling platform to share experiences with mental health on all levels of the spectrum. I started it within my final year of university and as I completed my academic career, my vision and goals for both my future and the future of Vibrant Lives changed. 

The first change for Vibrant Lives came with the introduction of a scholarship to be given to a high school graduate entering university. To qualify, students must explore mental health through a creative outlet. The scholarship is funded through Karuna and will be awarded for the first time this year. 

Last night marked a milestone for Vibrant Lives. This year, the scholarship will go to a graduate of Chilliwack Senior Secondary - my alma mater. I wanted to give back to my roots as the school and the town were a huge influence in who I am today. And every year, the school district thanks donors with a lovely dinner cooked by the students, along with letting donors mingle with graduates of that year. That dinner took place last night. 

It was surreal for me for many reasons. First, I attended that dinner in my graduation year. Second, they asked me to give a little speech as a donor as to my story. Third, a lot more former teachers were there than I expected. Fourth, I received my applications that night. 

I am amazed by some of the talent, experience and bravery of most of my applicants. They all have such great hearts and incredible futures ahead. I don't know how we are going to pick just one, but we have a month to do it! 

I'll upload my speech and add it here sometime over the weekend, so be sure to check back soon. Pardon my impatience in sharing this news, I'm just so excited for what's happening with the foundation and what it's about to achieve. 

PS. More exciting information related to In A Sequoia and the Vibrant Lives Foundation is to be announced really soon! To keep up-to-date with the exciting things happening for In A Sequoia and the Vibrant Lives Foundation next, subscribe today