kicking off the first ever mindful pop-up

Two years ago I began dreaming up In A Sequoia. Being a person who envisions big, I would spend countless hours thinking up all the potential accomplishments the brand would achieve. I kid you not when I say it was two years ago around this very time I first thought of The Mindful Pop-Up. 

Back then it didn't have a name. It didn't have an identity. It did have a random cue card with a list of products I thought would be perfect for the intention-based pop-up shop. I bet you anything that cue card is still buried somewhere in my messy desk drawer too. 

Today I am unbelievably thrilled to announce that The Mindful Pop-Up is coming to life. The vision is happening. The goal is coming to fruition. And there is so much going on with it. 

The Mindful Pop-Up will be taking place May 6th and 7th, right at the end of Mental Health Awareness Week. There you will be able to shop from a curated selection of local, intentional goods to aid in your mental well-being. Proceeds from the shop will be supporting The Vibrant Lives Foundation. I will also be hosting another Find Your Goal'd workshop the Friday night and the wonderful Stefania of Mindful Mutts will be stopping by on Saturday with some very, furry special guests. 

Where is it happening you might ask? Plan on making a trip out to Vancouver - 434 Columbia Street, Vancouver to be exact! More information can be found here and if you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Be sure to follow The Mindful Pop-Up on Instagram (@themindfulpopup) to learn all about the amazing products available to shop from. But to give you a hint, we've got malas from Mala Collective, clothing from My Modern Closet and flowers from OLFCO

I feel so grateful to see this long-time goal come to life and I invite you all to join me and celebrate our mental health May 6th and 7th. And click the button below to register for Find Your Goal'd - space is limited!

Eventbrite - Find Your Goal'd - The Mindful Pop-Up Edition