work + worth

A lot of my clients are self-employed, freelancing, run their own businesses, or have their own side-hustles. First off, how amazing is it that I get to work with such incredible women (and some men)! My tribe inspires me every day and I am so fortunate to do the work I do. 

But today I want to talk about a common theme that comes up with all of my boss clients: worth. They envision building amazing businesses and brands that the world needs, and that they feel they were put here on Earth to do. But they struggle with the idea of charging for it, and how much to charge for it. 

With every client, my first response is 'PREACH! Girl, I hear you". Been there, done that. Worth is a difficult idea to wrap our heads around because it's actually quite intimate. It exposes a lot about what you think of yourself. 

But my follow up response is always "but don't undermine your worth". Do not undermine your worth. Yes, you should love what you do so much that you are excited to do your work. But you should also get paid for it, and paid fairly. 

So just how do we come to accept our struggles when it comes to putting a monetary value to our work? I start by writing out a comprehensive list of the value I'm bringing to the table. People want to work with you for a reason, so what is it? Why do people seek you out for the work you do? Put that on paper and look at it. Seeing your worth written down makes it tangible. It makes it real. 

My other tip for understanding your worth? Talk to your customers. Listen to their experiences working with you. Not only will you come across areas you could improve on (always a plus), but more often than not they will share why they love to work with you. Really listen to it, don't brush off what they're saying. Not only would it be disrespectful to them, but it's disrespectful to yourself. 

Once you see the value you're bringing, it's a lot easier to grasp your worth. From there, it's even easier to figure out how much to charge. 

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