breath is my favourite tool, but how can you use it if you suffer from asthma?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of a Canadian leading research based pharmaceutical company. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m going to be honest with you: I hadn’t given any thought to asthma since the fourth grade. The reason I cared so much about it then? My fourth grade ‘boyfriend’ had an inhaler. Since my ‘first love’, the thought of people I know suffering with asthma symptoms hadn’t crossed my brain, which is absolutely ridiculous! One in twelve of us have asthma, which means I am guaranteed to have crossed paths with a lot of other people living with asthma.


But why am I sharing this with you? Because I want you to know about the 30 Second Asthma Test. When I was first asked to share this simple, quick-to-use tool in evaluating the severity of daily asthma symptoms, I kind of shrugged it off. Bad of me, I know. But I initially didn’t see it as a real life struggle anyone would really relate to.


Turns out, of those one in twelve, 46% of asthma sufferers don’t have their asthma controlled, despite what they may think. And the consequences of this go beyond the need for an inhaler.


We talk about breath often on In A Sequoia. Are you about to set your 10-year vision? Take a deep breath. Struggling with your mental health? Observe your breath. Looking for a moment of mindfulness? Connect with your breath. But if you have difficulty breathing due to asthma, how are you expected to do this?


Connect with your breath - it's not easy if you have asthma


Breath is key to living. Breath is a powerful tool in living a mindful, balanced life. But if you don’t have your asthma controlled, you can’t gain all the wonderful benefits of breath. This has a domino effect in your life – from your physical health, to your mental health, to your goals and your ability to have fun.


If you have asthma, it is so vital for your overall well being to connect with your breath and keep your asthma symptoms under control. Check-in with yourself by taking the 30 Second Asthma Test. If you don’t have asthma, you likely know someone who does. Be an ally and share the 30 Second Asthma Test with them. Remind them that breath is life.


And I want to hear from you! Did you take the 30 Second Asthma Test? Just like our goals, sharing with others help us keep in integrity with our health. Let me know how the test went for you, and loop in your doctor if it turns out you need support getting your asthma controlled! Then be free to use the tool of breath when you need it, reach new health goals and have fun!



Take the 30 Second Asthma Test to help manage your asthma and get back to the fun!


P.S. I’ll be chatting soon about how you can use goal setting strategies to manage your asthma – stay tuned for an upcoming post!

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