i am here. i am now. tips for mantra meditation

With planning The Mindful Pop-Up, the act of mindfulness has been on my mind a lot. And by that, I mean a lot more than it usually is. It can be tough to practice a mindful outlook, especially if you're busy working on big, bold goals. 

But it is so key to carve out those mindful moments, especially if you have a lot on your plate. They are an essential component in maintaining balance and a sense of calm amongst all the goal-digging work you're doing. But how do we do it? How do we put aside the amazing things we are working towards in order to achieve, at the least, a few minutes of mindfulness. 

Personally, and especially when things are as busy as they have been these last few weeks, my go-to mindful tool is mantra meditation. This is when I grab my mala beads and select one word or phrase that I want to embody. Every time I rub my thumb over a mala bead, I repeat my mantra. I do this until I've covered my entire mala (aka 108 times), and if I really need it, I do it twice. 

It is believed that the positive intentions and actions from your mantra will fill your mind and body during this time, eliminating negative energy. If that's too hippy-dippy for you, it's similar to the power of positive affirmations or just mind-over-matter. Additionally, it provides something for your mind to focus on, while giving space to calm down and center yourself. 

Typically, I practice this form of meditation in my bedroom. It's comfortable, quiet and private. However, whenever I am out in nature I feel so connected and present that I typically look to meditate in the moment as well. This was certainly the case last weekend when I was out visiting Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. 

But what should your mantra be? It can be as simple as a word or a sound, but I tend to prefer phrases which embody my intention. I change up my mantra almost daily depending on what is happening in my world in that moment. If I'm struggling with my eating disorder or my depression, my mantra focuses on healing my pain. If I am feeling down on myself or my ability to rock my goals, my mantra lifts my mood. But if I'm struggling with being present and mindful, my mantra is this:

I am here. I am now. 

I repeat this quietly to myself a full round of my mala and go back into my day calmer and more present. I become more aware of my surroundings and feel a greater connection to my body and soul. It's a powerful tool to help with times of struggle.

Have you practiced mantra meditation before? Let me know your experiences or if you have any go to mantras in the comments below! 


Top: Torrid Fashion
Bottom: lululemon athletica wunderunder crops
Scarf: My Modern Closet
Sunglasses: Addition Elle
Mala: Mala Collective
Location: Whytcliff Park, West Vancouver
Photographer: Kiana Heighton