weekends were made for mountains (and chickens)

I needed a getaway, bad. I could feel my soul screaming to disconnect from the city and escape. You know the feeling, don't you? It's an impossible need to ignore, so I didn't. On Tuesday, I booked an Airbnb in Squamish, BC and on Friday I packed up a Modo and hit the road. 

I had never really been to Squamish before. The small town is about half-way between Vancouver and Whistler along the Sea-to-Sky Highway. The drive itself is stunning, but as you'll see in the video below, it rained for most of the way up. The cabin I stayed in was about a half-hour outside of the main part of town and beyond the range of cell service - exactly what I was looking for. Located on a farm off a dirt road, I spent most of my daylight hours enjoying the mountain air and my nights listening to the frogs chirp. The adorable chickens on the farm provided fresh eggs for my breakfast and if you follow me on Snapchat (I'm inasequoia by the way!), you know how entertaining I found the birds to be. It reaffirmed my need to own one or two when I buy my own house!

The trip was everything I needed: long scenic drive, trees as far as the eye can see, mountains surrounding me, and fresh air to rejuvenate in. This mini-getaway allowed me to relax while reconnecting with who I am and what serves me best, just in time for The Mindful Pop-Up.  I am so grateful to live in a place that makes packing up and driving to somewhere this beautiful possible. 

Speaking of driving, the only reason this trip became a reality was thanks to Modo carsharing. I don't own a car, it's simply not affordable or logical at this stage in my life. But every now-and-then, I need a vehicle to get me from point A to point B, and all the extra points in-between. With Modo, there are so many excellent cars to choose from based on what you need. For this trip, I booked a Honda Fit - my absolute favourite vehicle in the fleet. It fit my gear perfectly while being an incredibly fun car to drive through the mountains. 

After two nights spent at my amazing cabin, I took a good amount time getting back home. My first stop had me in downtown Squamish where I was able to pop into some of the cute shops that caught my eye. Next I discovered Shannon Falls and vowed I will return to hike the trails that surround this powerful waterfall. Lastly, I enjoyed the sights of Porteau Cove, wishing I had a kayak to explore the cold waters with. 

I am so thankful I listened to what my body needed and took this escape to Squamish. Check out the photos below to see just how beautiful the weekend was. I even created a little video of the trip which you can watch at the bottom of the page! 

Squamish By-The-Numbers

256 Kilometres driven
2 nights stayed
1 other Modo car spotted (and waved at!)
1 black bear
2 seals
1,004 photos taken
2.5 hours of video shot 


Sweater: Karma & Soul
Dress: Addition Elle
Mala: Mala Collective
Locations: The Cabin on Cloudburst Mountain Farm, Squamish, BC, Shannon Falls, Squamish, BC, Porteau Cove, BC
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D
Travel supported by Modo Car Coop