5 must buys to support your mental health

It's Mental Health Awareness Week in Canada! In A Sequoia and The Vibrant Lives Foundation are marking the occasion with The Mindful Pop-Up - a two-day shopping experience like no other! I'm so excited to support pop-up guests in finding the right products to support their mental well-being while providing a safe space for mental health conversations. So excited that I wanted to start early! Here are five must have products to support your mental health. 

1. aromatherapy products

Your sense of smell has a powerful impact on your brain. Different scents have different effects, which make aromatherapy products useful in aiding a variety of mental health conditions! You have your calming, relaxing notes such as lavender or bergamot, or your energizing scents like eucalyptus or any citrus oil. Check out Here&Now Botanicals for a variety of incredible aromatherapy products - they'll also be available at the pop-up!

2. clothing with purpose

What you wear is a reflection of who you are in a moment. Wearing clothes that encourage a positive mindset can make all the difference in your day. I suggest checking out Pay It Forward, WuChild, Karma & Soul, or My Modern Closet for clothing with good karma. 

3. a candle 

In all of my research into how people support their mental well-being on a daily basis, the act of lighting a candle topped the list. For some it's the scent of their favourite candle, for others it's watching the flicker of the flame. It's often one of the first things I'll do when I get home from a long day. Grab one of Woodlot's incredible coconut wax blends at the pop-up for yourself!

4. a mala

Whether it's to practice my meditation with, or to act as a physical reminder to live my intention, I feel naked without my mala. It's great for in-the-moment times of trouble. If something is raising my anxiety or I'm hitting a slump in my depression, I can quickly grasp my mala and run my thumb across the beads. It immediately helps to calm me. 

5. flowers. everywhere

Fresh blooms instantly spruce up my space and brighten my mood. Plus, science has proved flowers can help your mental health and who doesn't love a beautiful bouquet? Okay, my best friend doesn't but I've said all along she is crazy. And you guessed it, flowers will be available at The Mindful Pop-Up!

If you'll be in the Vancouver area, be sure to check out The Mindful Pop-Up this Friday and Saturday, May 6th + 7th, from 11am-7pm. Shop all of the suggestions above, plus more, in this unique pop-up experience benefiting The Vibrant Lives Foundation