spring skin care: food

I will not lie to you, I've been looking forward to this post all week! It was my favourite to plan and shoot for from all of skin care week. That being said, I learned I am no food stylist and envy those like Erin Ireland or Fraiche Nutrition - you have been warned! 

Just as what you put on your body directly impacts your skin's health, what you put in your body majorly effects your skin's appearance. The good news is, foods that are good for your skin are often the same foods you should be eating for overall health anyway! Today I'm sharing a full day's worth of meals and how each aspect of the dish compliments a good skin care routine. 

scrambled eggs with avocado, blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate juice. 

I fill my breakfast with antioxidants because they attack free radicals in the body that cause skin damage and breakouts. Antioxidants also stimulate blood flow, helping heal damaged areas from scaring, and even help fight wrinkles. My favourite hit of antioxidants come from an early-morning cup of pomegranate juice, followed up with a handful of blueberries. To support healing my skin damage, I add a cup of strawberries to my plate on weekends (until they are in season at least, then it's every day!) to provide a boost of Vitamin C. 

For strengthening skin's tissues and supporting healthy new cell growth, I am a big fan of eggs in the morning. The proteins you find in eggs are particularly good for your skin and eggs are packed with Vitamin D and Vitamin E, further supporting cell growth. Finally, you know how people are always talking about the 'good fats' found in avocados? Those fats actually help moisturize your skin from the inside, out. So include half an avocado with your eggs and your skin will be smooth, strong and soft!

toasted bagel with cucumbers and vegan cream cheese, orange, almonds and water.

When mid-day approaches, water becomes a big factor in my diet. Hydration keeps our bodies active, and our skin fresh and plump. Not only am I hydrating from the glass of water which accompanies my meal, but I am sure to include foods high in water content to support the flushing of toxins from my body throughout the day. This includes watermelon or, as you see above, cucumber. I'm continuing to add Vitamin C with slices of organic orange as it helps to heal damaged skin, like I mentioned above. 

Another big player in supporting good skin care is the selenium packed almonds on my plate. Selenium aids in reducing inflammation. This is big if you find yourself having to live with a bit of acne now and then as the selenium will help reduce any redness caused, and help prevent any potential  infection. You'll also note I was sure to include a bagel with whole grains as it too contains selenium. I also used dairy free cream cheese as dairy is not the best for skin care. 


rosemary and lemon salmon, carrots, quinoa and wine.

Did you know the omega-3 fatty acids you get from salmon give your skin a near-instant glow? It's also going to reduce inflammation from blemishes, irritated skin or wounds. The rosemary I used to flavour my salmon also plays a role in skin care as it too helps maintain skin's elasticity. Quinoa contains lysine, which cannot be naturally produced by the body and must be absorbed through diet alone. Lysine helps in healing damaged tissue, particularly good after injury or surgery, but also helpful with acne, sun damage, or other surprise wounds to your skin. 

Again, note the Vitamin C intake from the carrots, but the main reason I included carrots is due to their high Vitamin A content. Vitamin A enhances the benefit of selenium, which I previously included in my lunch! Double win! 

The best part of this meal in my opinion? The wine. Yes, wine is good for your skin! Specifically, red wine as it too contains free radical attacking antioxidants.   

dark chocolate squares with almonds

Of course there's dessert included in this! Dark chocolate contains flavonols which protect against skin damage and hydrate your skin. And we all know why I picked a treat containing almonds already. Just a couple squares of this at the end of the night is a sweet way to treat your skin. 

And with that, we have wrapped up skin care week on In A Sequoia! Keep the conversation going in the comments below if you have any other tricks to caring for your skin.