spring skin care: the body

As we continue skin care week in In A Sequoia, it's time we chat about how we care for our bodies. In my opinion, simplicity and natural is best! Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so be sure to take care of it right. 

My number one tip and all important step to maintaining full-body care is dry brushing. The exfoliation alone makes dry brushing a worthwhile addition to your daily routines, but the detoxifying benefits are what really sell me. I've gone over the how-to's in a previous post so I won't repeat myself here. 

I also want to add - I am the worst when it comes to sticking with the dry brushing routine, so don't feel guilty if you end up skipping a day (or weeks in my case)! I'm in the same boat - but I focus on the fact that I'd done a great job at sticking with my routine caring for my face!

Photo courtesy of  Woodlot

Photo courtesy of Woodlot

I'm also mindful of the soap I use to cleanse my skin when I'm in the shower. I have tried many, but I have to say my Woodlot Cascadia Soap is my favourite. It's the hydrating and clarifying mix of oils that sold me within one use. 

Moisturizing is really important after a dry brush and a shower. Of course, I use Karuna Boho Body Butter because it's full of natural ingredients that heal the skin. I apply right after towel drying for optimal moisturization. 

I like to spoil myself with a full-body Karuna Coffee Scrub about once a week. It's my treat to my skin. So totally worth the mess.

What about you? Any skin-care favourites for your body? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for Friday's post - we're talking good foods for good skin!