the ocean views in oregon

In case you haven't noticed yet, I have a serious love for nature. Mainly trees and the ocean. So when my parents suggested I tag along on their Oregon coast getaway, how could I say no? 

We spent the majority of our time staying at Hi-Tide Oceanfront Inn in the small, tourist town of Seaside. Amazing ocean views, a hop, skip and a jump to the beach - photo opportunities were endless and essentially the only way I spent my days. We also spent a day driving a little further down the coast simply taking in the views, hitting up more tourist spots like Cannon Beach and Tillamook (oh the cheese). 

Then I convinced my folks to spend one day in Portland. Because I told them it was on my bucket list and everyone told me I had to try the donuts. Which was true, when in Portland you have donuts. I thought everyone knew that was a thing. My parents did not. 

Everyone also told me that Voodoo may be the known donut name in town, but Blue Star Donuts actually had the tastier treat. So when we pulled into town at about 4pm on a Friday, we headed to the main Blue Star location. In the heart of downtown Portland (unpleasant to drive to by the way). Found it eventually, with a giant 'Sold Out' sign. Cue heartbreak number one for Megan and absolute surprise number one for parents. 

Next step was finding wifi to find an address for the next closest Blue Star. Again, not too easy. Then finding the Blue Star. Then finding parking. Then walking in to the open doors excited and hopeful to learn they had only two flavours left. Two very boring looking flavours left. Cue heartbreak number two for Megan paired with a visibly heartbroken face and an unsympathetic donut girl. Oh, and absolute surprise number two for parents. 

The two donuts left were tasty, don't get me wrong. But boring. We had such high expectations, and they were not met. Portland broke my heart a little in that moment (but quickly regained my affections when we had a crazy dinner at Pok Pok - see my dad's dish in the photos below!) 

But my parents, bless their hearts, brought me back to Portland the next day. The day we were to travel the six hours home. Tried once again at the downtown location of Blue Star, but the place was so full of people you couldn't move. Absolute surprise number three for parents and a giggle from me. Thankfully, Blue Star number two not only had breathing room, but donuts to eat. Ask me? They were worth it. Ask my parents? Inexplicable overhype. 

Overall it was a beautiful and calm vacation. Scroll through the photos and let me know in the comments below what you think I should do when I visit Portland next!


Locations: Seaside, Oregon; Cannon Beach, Oregon; Portland, Oregon
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D