25 things to nail down before turning 25

When I was 12, I was felt so certain of what life at 25 would be like. I knew what job I'd want (teacher), the house I'd live in (a big white one), the man I'd marry (Prince Charming), and the lifestyle I'd live (luxurious). I'd be traveling the world, with money in the bank, and my shit would be considered to be together. 

Yeah, none of that ended up coming true. 

Let's be fair now, I am on a kick-ass career path (not teaching!!), I have a fantastic apartment, great people in my life, and am pretty comfortable with where my life is headed. But do I have it all figured out? Hell no. 

Today I turn 25. It's such a weird age where you're definitely not a kid anymore (and if one more person calls me 'kiddo' ever again outside of my parents I may lose my cool), but you don't quite feel 'adult' yet. You have no clue what's really going on, but you're still alive and that's got to count for something! 

So to help you get to 25 in the best shape you possibly could be, I've kept track throughout the year of 25 things I realized I had to have nailed down before I turned 25. 

25 things to nail down before turning 25

  1. Establish a good skin care routine, specifically for your skin. And invest in it, don't cheap out on the harsher drug store brands. 
  2. Figure out how to save money. And stick to it. 
  3. Cook for yourself. Take-out all the time doesn't help with saving money, and cooking will save your life. 
  4. Be good at time management - especially if working for yourself is a goal!!
  5. Understand how you find balance, and what balance means specifically to you. 
  6. Regularly care for your nails. Trips to get them done professionally are not frowned upon. 
  7. Drink enough water daily. Seriously. 
  8. Invest in staple clothing, that you'll love forever and that will last forever. Bonus points if it's socially good. 
  9. Don’t settle in relationships. It's not worth the time. 
  10. Learn how to be comfortable alone. Goes with point 9 too. You spend your entire life with yourself, it's good to be comfortable when it's just you. 
  11. Embrace taking some risks. Don't be stupid, but live your life. 
  12. Respect dietary restrictions. Bloating in exchange for ice cream stops being worth it, and causes more damage than you know. 
  13. Be honest with your finances. I came clean with my family this year when it came to my personal financial decision after two years. It's not easy, but it's necessary. 
  14. Learn the basics of how to read legal and government texts. It will happen at some point in your life, so start getting to know how to interpret legalese. 
  15. Learn how to have open and honest communication with your boss. It's better for both parties. 
  16. Know when you should stay in, and know when you should go out. Netflix and chill at home solo is nothing to be shamed of. But don't hermit yourself, we all need a little socializing now and then. 
  17. Cleaning, sadly. Regularly. It's just a must. 
  18. Get some handy-work skills in there at some point. And don't be afraid to measure more that twice. 
  19. Get out of your comfort zone. Do things that scare you. Test yourself. 
  20. Be reliable. In all sense of the world. 
  21. And be accountable to your actions. If you screw up, own up to it. We all screw up now and then, it's more important to be honest and learn from it. 
  22. Value those who see your value. This world is a hard place to find people who truly and fully support you. When you find them, hold on hard and make sure you show your gratitude. 
  23. Speaking of gratitude, live a life of it. Be grateful. Recognize what you have in life and show your appreciation for it. 
  24. Recognize your faults. Know what you aren't strong at and accept you aren't perfect at everything. Then figure out how to strengthen the missing pieces. 
  25. Finally, have fun with it still. The closer I got to 25, the more wrapped up I got with the idea of 'work' and 'career'. Don't get me wrong, it still occupies 75-80% of my days. But I focus on loving every minute of it and finding the fun in every day. Life is going to continue to get crazier and crazier, and so I have to keep my eyes on the fun. 

That's it. Twenty-five years of wisdom I've collected. 

Being the reflective type, I also wanted to look back on the 24th year of my life. Check it out in the photos below. They all link back to their original blog post too - so feel free to click through to learn more about what was going on in that time of my life!