25 years + 365 days of wisdom later

Another day, another year older. I don't know what it is, but I'm just not psyched about this one. Twenty-six. Such an odd age, and an odd time in life. So I'm saying, forever twenty-two! 

Time flew this past year, and so much happened. I lost my job, then I got a new one. I posed nude, in front of eighty strangers. I photographed some amazing places. And I reconnected with my physical art side. 

I was looking back at my 25 Things to Nail Down Before 25 post I published a year ago today, and there were a lot of realizations. For one, what I thought at age twelve still isn't true at age twenty-six. I'm still on a kick-ass career path (that is getting up to some wicked things these next few months) and still focus the majority of my time on my career. I don't know if I'm as comfortable with that now as I was then to be honest. I had to say goodbye to my fantastic apartment, but now have a tiny one. My life is still headed somewhere good, but do I have it all figured out yet? Still hell no!

And all of those things I figured out at twenty-five? Still important at twenty-six. Here's to a whirlwind of a twenty-fifth year.