3 Free Wallpapers to Motivate your Workday

Since university, I’ve dreamed of designing the office of my business. I’ve imagined comfortable and Instagramable receptions, meeting rooms, and desk set-ups. I drool over coffee table books at Indigo that would line the walls and tables of my perfect workplace.

Of course, this bootstrapping entrepreneur can’t (and shouldn’t) start right off the bat with the cost of a lease. So I hot-desk at a beautiful coworking space. And I love the flexibility and freedom I have from coworking.

But I still dream of decorating.

In fact, those dreams were distracting me a lot today. But I decided to be productive with it. Though I can’t design my ideal physical space, I could design something beautiful to inspire my work day on my laptop. Instead of picking out paint and fabric samples, I browsed for fonts, photos, and hex colours to create a new wallpaper for my desktop. It might not have been the best use of my time, but I felt better acting rather than dreaming.

Plus now I get to share the creativity with you!

I ended up creating designs that spoke to some challenges I’ve been facing this week as an entrepreneur. One looks at the fear I have of taking on new work. One is a mantra I repeat when faced with frustrations and disappointment. And one is for the Leo in me that reminds me to stay true to who I am.

Check out the three designs and subscribe to #thesequoialife to download them for your laptop or iPhone in order to keep you motivated through your entrepreneurial struggles.

Rise above.jpg
Roar in use.jpg
CareerMegan te Boekhorst