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The Boldly Vulnerable Series: Sophia Ruffolo, Femmebought

For Episode 03, I chatted with the founder and CEO of Femmebought, Sophia Ruffolo. I have been following Femmebought’s growth for some time now and am in love with what Sophia is doing both locally and globally. And it doesn’t hurt that Sophia might just be In A Sequoia’s number one fan - seriously.

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Uh, Wait. How Do I Get Clients?

I love my work. I love developing public relations plans that blend both the creative and the strategic. I love building content plans that share truly inspiring and motivating stories. And I love the surprise and joy of trying new things and creating every day.

But in order to do any of that, I need clients who want to pay me for my work.

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The Struggle Of Being Always 'On'

When you own your own business, there’s pressure to always be ‘on’ and able to bring it 100% of the time. Especially working in a co-working space, I can run into clients, meet potential new leads, or be asked what it is I do at any second of any day. And I’m not going to lie, sometimes I’m too tired to pitch myself, to outline what makes me different, or to answer a handful of questions about a specific strategy I’ve proposed out of the blue.

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Two of the Most Frustrating Weeks for a New Entrepreneur

Traditionally, I share a reflective post for every birthday. This year was particularly special as it was the first birthday I shared with Smudge - because, no word of a lie, we share the same birthday. Instead, I worked through two of the most frustrating weeks I could face as a new business owner.

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how to create days lived with intention: download the new sequoia life dayplanner

I talk about living with intention a lot. All the time. Almost an obsessive amount. It's not a new concept or an exotic idea I've introduced, but it is the fundamental principle that shows up in my day-to-day that keeps me sane. Well, sane-ish. Or sane-adjacent. 

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