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10 Really Simple Ways to Support Your Entrepreneur Friends

To all of those whose friends are bravely pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, on behalf of us all, please support the work they do. It doesn’t take a lot, and you don’t even have to spend money to do it. In fact, here are some really easy ways that take little effort on your end but mean so much to your friends.

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Three Female-led Books that have Nothing to do with Romance

I was wandering through a bookstore very frustrated one day. I entered with the goal of finding my next good story. Something that inspired me, motivated me, and spoke to me as a globally conscious, empire-building woman. I found myself surrounded by stories of women looking for love, sad over lost love, or struggling with love. 

Love of a man more often than not. 

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summers and alleys

I am fascinated with the way this city is built. From the way Toronto has been designed to move people, to the architecture of every neighbourhood, it's been such an adjustment in my eight months here. In particular, I am obsessed with the multitude and variety of street art. It's everywhere, and it's beautiful. Take the above Queen West mural featuring the infamous white squirrel as an example! 

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