a planes, trains, and automobiles holiday

This holiday was full of the unexpected. 

Right now, I am sitting in the Ottawa train station waiting for my 5pm train home to Toronto. This is the final leg of nine busy days of travel all over Canada, using essentially all methods of transportation. The trip included a massive surprise, some French practice, and a whole lot of coffee. I'm exhausted, but I am oh so grateful. 

It began in the Toronto Pearson Airport when I grabbed a 6:15am flight to Vancouver in order to surprise my parents on Christmas Eve. My visit was a Christmas gift to my mom from a client - and it doubled as my Christmas gift to my whole family! Of course, pulling off the surprise wasn't easy and when I arrived at my childhood home, no one was there. However, I know my parents well. Really well. So I called a cab to head over to their closest Starbucks and sure enough...

My mother's face (she's the one on the left) was priceless. 

It was amazing to spend Christmas at home when I had been planning to be at the movies in #the6ix all this time. I was able to continue the tradition of cooking Christmas breakfast for the famjam, enjoy whiskey and Baileys coffees with my mom, and visit a handful of loved ones while I was in town. I mean, it wouldn't be a Vancouver trip without a stop at Mindful Mutts for some puppy therapy plus I had to check in on a certain new addition to the world who now has so much personality! 

After five days on the West Coast, it was time to hop back on a plane and take an overnight flight home to Toronto. By the time I got to my apartment, it was 7am the next morning and all I wanted was to sleep for eternity. Which I did, until it was time to grab my luggage once more and get in the car to Montreal for New Years! 

I regret not taking more photos in Montreal, so I will have to head back soon just to capture the buildings and the atmosphere of one of Canada's oldest cities. Spending a couple of nights with friends in this Francophone town was a fantastic way to ring in 2017. Who knew how much I would enjoy my time listening to conversations in a language I cannot understand! Maybe 2017 will be the year I finally learn French?

For New Year's Day (aka today), I trained over to Ottawa to visit my girl Caroline, who was with her East Coast-based family during the holiday. It was so good to see her during my short, six hour stint in the country's capital. I lucked out too, as Caroline's mother took us for an amazing tour around the whole city. The woman has lived in Ottawa her entire life and she knew so much about every area. Honestly, six hours was not nearly enough and I'm already planning a getaway to the city as soon as possible! I could spend a whole day alone just admiring the architecture of the old homes and buildings happily! 

Now they're calling my train for boarding and I am ready to be home after this insane planes, trains, and automobiles holiday of mine. 

Christmas coffee
Christmas morning breakfast
Mindful Mutts visit
Baby Beckett
Frozen Montreal river
Parliament building Ottawa
Fish market
Ottawa market


Holiday Breakfast Recipe: To come, but a variation of it can be found here for now.
Locations: Chilliwack/New Westminster, BC; Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D