a scandalous mood - the best songs on Scandal

You will not be able to plug in, turn on and drop out. Because the revolution will not be televised.

Confession (non)shocker: I'm a huge Scandal fan. While at work, I often tell myself to channel my inner Olivia Pope. She is a fictional communications rockstar, and an incredible, strong female character to have grace my screen weekly. 

Olivia would be one of my six dinner guests at that imaginary dinner party we all imagine. And Quinn. 

One of the elements that makes Scandal so amazing is the soundtrack. The drama is always paired with the perfect song. The selection isn't predictable, and sometimes you feel like dancing during some truly horrifying moments, but it works. Often, if I really need to channel the badass woman I know I am (like when I try to get up for a 7am spin class tomorrow), I will play a Scandal favourite - like The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

So I decided to compile my go-to Scandal favourites into a Spotify playlist so you too can channel your gladiator mindset. 

CareerMegan te Boekhorst