appreciation nation

Twenty-five has been the year of doing things that scare me. It was semi-unintentional, but since my birthday I've been pushing myself to go further and further out of my comfort zone. And that included nude modelling for live-drawing at an event. 

I am lucky to know the amazing Tori Swanson, a talented and brave artist. Last Saturday she put the call out looking for a female model to bare it all for a semi-private event and I found myself volunteering immediately. Before I truly processed what it all meant, true, but I was excited. I'm thrilled that I went through with it. 

The event was hosted by lululemon athletica Oakridge in honour of lululemon's focus on appreciation this month. Thus, #AppreciationNation was born. Tori's part looked at appreciation of self, and it gave me great insight into appreciating the body I have. 

That night I dropped a blanket and was fortunate enough to be sketched several times by Tori, then even by some event attendees tried their hand at it! Check out the two sketches I brought home with me - I can't wait to get them framed!

nude sketch
nude sketch