be our guest? beauty and the beast exhibit a missed opportunity

I am a closeted Disney fan. I don't scream it from the rooftops, but my whole soul sings when I find myself wrapped up in a Disney classic. I wrote a very critical essay on "The Disney Vault" in a second year class mostly as an excuse to read a whole pile of Disney research. I sang 'Part Of Your World' in my sixth grade talent show - AND STILL HAVE THE WHOLE SONG MEMORIZED. I rock it by the way. Speaking of...

Which is why I was so excited when I heard there would be a Beauty and the Beast exhibit at Toronto's Casa Loma. Come on, real costumes and props from the film in a legitimate castle? Count me in. 

So I lined up, for two hours, to get my look on Monday. An hour later, as I left the castle, I was incredibly disappointed. Yes, it was neat to see some of the costumes. Yes, seeing the iconic rose from afar (because getting any closer than what my photo shows required yet another line I was not willing to stand it) was cool. But honestly, Disney missed a massive opportunity here to do something mind-blowing without having to even put in too much effort.

The highlights of my visit were the corners of the castle itself, which I would have rather seen on a normal day with far fewer people, skipping the two-hour wait to get inside. I had high hopes for the 'Enchanted Tunnel', but could only think of the million and one ways it could have been done better as I walked through it. All it really consisted of was promotional posters for the movie anyway - Disney wasn't even bothered to remove the generic promo copy on them. Maybe the free and wait-less Toronto Light Festival spoiled me, but Casa Loma's Beauty and the Beast exhibit was just a massive disappointment. 

Belle's blue dress from the film.
Look! It's the rose.
Aerial silk performer.
A bedroom in Casa Loma.
Casa Loma itself was the highlight of the three hours.
Old stuff.
I have a thing for old windows.
Not my era of furniture but hey.
From the tallest tower.
Views of the 6 from the tallest tower.


Location: Casa Loma
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D