birthdays at the food truck festival

When your birthday lands on a Monday, celebrations the weekend prior are a must. Luckily for me, New Westminster hosted the Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Festival on the Saturday. So along with a couple close friends, I packed up some picnic supplies and headed downtown to take part in the fun! 

The New Westminster Columbia StrEAT Food Truck Festival was the largest food truck festival in Canada this year. With 6 blocks, 70 food trucks, and plenty of live entertainment, the atmosphere on Columbia was just right. I toured the entire festival this year (because a certain pregnant someone (NOT ME) was craving pasta - which was the ONLY food group we couldn't seem to find!) and loved how there was something different on every corner. Ultimately, the preggo one settled for pizza, which we split, and we headed down to New West Pier Park to eat. 

I love Pier Park's bright pop of nature on the river. It's the perfect place to toss out a blanket and just relax. With that in mind, I asked my guests to bring flowers in lieu of gifts and cards (where the preggo one found a loophole by mailing me a card arriving the next day) so we could lay them out during our picnic. Thanks to Steph for the amazing bouquet! 

I honestly wish we could have sampled every food truck there - the options were both endless and delicious. After we packed up our picnic in the park, we stopped by one more truck for dessert: Nice Vice. Nice cream to end a nice night.