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Hi. I'm Megan.

I brought my West Coast soul to the city of Toronto in order to build the creative empire of my dreams. Never one to take the traditional route, I've lived life on my own terms since 1991. Currently working in Public Relations while rocking the side hustle lifestyle that brings me unstoppable passion. 

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creative, messy mindfulness

creative, messy mindfulness

They warned me Toronto can get cold, and after four months of winter living I finally experienced it. This past weekend the temperature dropped and I was having none of it. So Friday evening I picked up enough supplies to get me to Monday, then proceeded to stay in blankets and pjs all weekend long. 

It was bliss, but I also wanted to be intentional with the time I was gifting myself. I didn't want to burrito in bed for two days straight. Instead, the cold snap provided me space to be mindful, while expressing my creativity doing so. I wasn't in the mood to meditate for hours or go through a vinyasa, two very typical mindful practices. Instead, over the space of 54 hours, I painted, texturized, glued and drew two pieces of mixed media art I'm actually really proud of. 

While exploring new artistic mediums, I was able to slow down and focus on the moment rather than get caught up in new, exciting ideas or upcoming deadlines at the office. I let go of the need for perfection in both the artworks I created and the space around me. In previous painting attempts, I was always hyper aware of keeping clean - almost to an obsessive degree. For the first time I allowed paint to get all over my hands and legs, the handles of my brushes, and to be honest my sink looks like something out of a horror movie. This process of letting go of control helped immensely, and I think it also played a part in improving my art. In letting go of control, I found beauty in the mess. 

I also played with techniques I had never touched before, never been taught before. Exploring that unknown was scary. It didn't always go exactly as planned, but I found ways of making it work. And now? Now I can't wait to find new inspiration for the next project. 

I am so grateful to have practiced mindfulness in an untraditional way. I was able to let go of fears, stresses, worries and heartaches more than I ever have in a yoga class. It's an added bonus that this mindful practice resulted in two lovely pieces of art too! 

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international friendships

international friendships

why i went to work yesterday

why i went to work yesterday