Putting My Best Face Forward

If five months of non-traditional employment has taught me anything, it’s that entrepreneurship is stressful. Doesn’t matter if you’re having a good month or a bad month, if you’re happy or sad, the common experience you’ll have is an underlying feeling of stress.

This isn’t always a bad stress. In fact, I’ve mostly been able to manage the stress I’ve felt these past five months. But one thing any type of stress is guaranteed to do is wreck havoc on my skin.

I know when I’m feeling some stress, my face is sure to tell me. It will be uneven, extremely sensitive, and when things get bad it likes to remind me of what puberty looked like. It’s not a good look for me. Before, I didn’t care as much. Zits happen, I moved on. But now?

Now I am the face for my business. How I look plays a huge role in how my ability to perform will be perceived by my clients. So I always have to be putting my best face forward, literally. But as a busy entrepreneur with a tight cash flow, I can’t afford overly expensive products or monthly facials. Which is why I am obsessed over YLLO Beauty.

YLLO is an all-natural skincare brand based in Ottawa using turmeric to leave skin nourished and glowing. It is 100% vegan and donates 10% of profits to help end child marriage so girls can be girls. And it actually works magic, I swear.

The Face Scrub and face mask do take a little time to provide the full benefits. So the 15 minutes spent letting the product work I spend sipping on some tea or catching up on the work of my favourite content creators. Or sometimes I’ll snap a funny photo, like I did in the video above. But once I wash it off, I can see the fresh glow instantly.

yllow skin elixar.JPG

The YLLO Face Elixar is legitimately my new best friend. I put it on every night without fail. The serum hydrates your skin, while naturally protecting it against the harsh environmental elements - like Toronto’s freezing cold winter.

yllo face mask.JPG

Not only does YLLO help eliminate the signs of stress on my face, it’s forcing me to take some time for myself, from gently applying the product to my face to the 15 minute break it provides me from my day. Plus it’s great for travel (hello, no liquid explosion!). This is especially key for me as traveling for work is becoming more and more frequent. I have two trips in the month of December alone that are going to make my skin scream!

Entrepreneurship has taught me once again how important it is to take care of my skin. In the early days of business ownership, I felt guilty spending time ‘pampering’ myself. Now? I know it’s just as important as publishing the next Instagram post or writing another insightful blog.

Yllo and tease tea.JPG
YLLO face mask.JPG