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exploring wines of niagara

exploring wines of niagara

For the past couple of years, wine tasting in the Okanogan has been a family tradition. Moving to Toronto meant we had to change up that tradition. So with my parents visiting this week, I took a couple days off work and we road-tripped to the Niagara Falls area to see what Ontario wines had to offer! 

Despite the fact that I don't think anything will beat the love I have for Okanogan wine, we had a wonderful time exploring the vast wine country of the east. In total, we sampled from eight different wineries, and I walked away with a bottle from five of them. Not to say I didn't want to get a bottle or two from all of them! 

One thing is sure, Ontario's strong suit is its whites. There were a number of notable Rieslings and Chardonnays. The reds were more lack-luster. I prefer a full-bodied, bold red and the vintages I sampled were gentler than my palate prefers. That being said, I think the reds would be pleasant for the average wine drinker - I just like striking reds. 

Ontario also has a greater number of smaller, more intimate wineries. Even though we were visiting during a quiet time (Monday and Tuesday), I'm pretty sure the genuine kindness of those we spoke with would be just as true on a summer weekend. The smaller settings also provided some beautiful decor to sample the wines in. I loved the older homes many wineries converted into tasting rooms! 

We also stayed in Niagara Falls within sight of the waterfall. Being back near a powerful body of water almost felt like being back in BC. The beauty of those falls never ceases to wow. 

There are so many options for wine tasting in Ontario, and I know this trip only scratched the surface. I already can't wait to plan my next trip! But for now... 

top 5 must visit tasting rooms

  1. Back 10 Cellars
  2. Kew Vineyards
  3. Flat Rock Cellars
  4. GreenLane Estate Winery
  5. Rosewood Estates Winery

wine i walked away with


Green Palm Leaf Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: Vancouver Fashion Truck
Locations: Niagara On The Lake, Niagara Falls, Beamsville Ontario
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst and Cheryl te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D

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