eye spy new style

I was a weird child. Like how I hated pizza until I was in high school. Or how I became insanely logical and refused to play make-believe when they asked me what kingdom I was the princess of at Disneyland. Then there was the fact that, with every visit to the eye doctor, I would hope he'd tell me I needed glasses. 

I've never was one for fashion, let alone accessories. But for some reason, I wanted to show off my personality in frames. I never feared being called four-eyes or really thought how it would mean I'd have trouble seeing. I was jealous of my fourth grade boyfriend because of his adorable Snoopy and Woodstock glasses - they were playing baseball on the side of his head! 

So in late 2009, it was weird to have this childhood dream come true at 18. After all that time, I needed glasses. Since then, they've become an important part of how I express myself and who I want to be in my day to day. Especially since Bailey Nelson opened up across the street from me. 

I've now built myself a frame collection, with plans to grow it. I still have my reliable, solid black hipster frames, but I've now added two amazing pairs from Bailey Nelson plus my first ever pair of subscription sunglasses (and I will never go back!). 

Bronte Cherry Blossom

The first pair I ordered were the Brontes (small) in Cherry Blossom. I wanted something completely out of the ordinary for me and nothing like my traditional black. I desired a frame that gave me the kick-ass creative CEO / HBIC vibe. Hands down, this went to the Brontes. Their classic shape with modern touches rock in the Cherry Blossom print. 

Bailey Nelson Bronte frames in Cherry Blossom
Head Bitch In Charge CEO

Homer Smokey Grey

A thin frame with a touch of metal on the side, the Homer pleases the coffee shop writer in me. A touch of roundness in the shape and a hint of vintage, the black and white pattern brings in a a sense of edgy boldness I love. Not as boring as the plain black, but clean enough to go with virtually any outfit. 

Bailey Nelson Homer frames
Wine and glasses

Wallace Cherry Blossom Shades

I loved the Cherry Blossom print so much, I brought it back in my first (but not last) pair of prescription sunglasses. I wore them for the first time at the beach this past weekend and I will not go back to regular sunglasses. The Wallace is big, bold and bodacious. And the world looks beautiful in them. 

Wallace Bailey Nelson Sunglasses
laughing at the beach
Shade at the beach