Hi. I'm Megan.

Within the short period of two-weeks, I uprooted my comfortable Vancouver life and moved to Toronto. Now you find me working in Public Relations for a non-profit supporting young entrepreneurs as I set my sights on building my own creative empire. 

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feeling tropical

feeling tropical

I'm going to be super honest. Summer plus-sized fashion causes me stress. This summer has been no exception. In fact, I've been more stressed than usual with my new job. Previous summer gigs have included: leading a summer program for young children, an internship at luluelmon athletica, and working in a paint shop. Comfort has been key in all of these roles. Now I'm in a downtown Toronto office with an actual dress code. I honestly did not know how to dress for that. 

The first problem is finding something that comfortably fits my chest without being too cleavage-y. Then there's the butt problem - ensuring whatever I wear covers the booty I've been blessed with. Plus, seeing as though I walk anywhere and everywhere, the chaffing is real. 

As I've explored the options I feel comfortable and confident in, this palm-leaf dress has risen to the top. It's bright and fun, has a flattering cut, and gives me the coverage I aim for while not making me burst into a hot flame. 

This dress is the definition of summer for me. Tropical, comfortable and cute. 



Green Palm Leaf Dress: Old Navy
Jacket: Vancouver Fashion Truck
Locations: Niagara On The Lake
Photographer: Cheryl te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D

summer solstice in toronto

summer solstice in toronto