find more inspiration and follow these ten women

Nothing inspires me more than the incredible community of powerhouse women following their passion. When my energy is low, or I'm not feeling the hustle when I need to, I turn to the bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists and rockstars I know will jazz me up and reignite that fire. 

So on days you looking for a boost to your drive, check what some of these wonderful women are up to. 

1. Lauren McPhillips - This Renegade Love

Lauren is a badass champion for authenticity and realness. She's built a strong, inspiring brand for herself and doesn't shy away from telling it as it is. 

2. Jacki Carr

This goal coaching, leadership developing, wilderness loving mama inspired so much of my earlier work, and still influences me to this day. She's the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, a radical life coaching biz with a yearly retreat that is on my bucket list, and has been carving her own career path that has motivated me since I was starting university. 

3. Tori Swanson

I related so much with Tori's story, and it was an honour to sit for her two years ago. She is an insanely talented artist who has changed my views on the human body and nudity. 

4. Alicia Winnett - Alicia Fashionista

I've been a fan of Alicia's for a long, long time and it has been amazing to watch her brand develop and grow. She's a body-positive fashion and lifestyle blogger with a brilliant smile. It makes you happy to just look at her photos.

5. Nicole Booz - GenTwenty 

Nicole is the brilliant editor of GenTwenty,  a career, finance and personal development blog for women. The perfect account for big dreamers. 

6. Chanele McFarlane - Do Well Dress Well 

I love Chanele's energy and passion to carve out her special slice of the web. Through Do Well, Dress Well, Chanele aims to empower millennial women to live remarkably. 

7. Alexandra Grater

Alexandra is the home editor of Chatelaine, and was one of the first people I knew online that I wanted to meet in person once I moved to Toronto. This past year, she's begun leading monthly segments on Cityline and has led the charge on Chatelaine's Home Primp videos. Plus, her home decor tips are devine! 

8. Jillian Harris

If you don't follow Jillian for her home decor genius, you need to follow her for her raw honesty into life as a mom, business woman and overall rockstar. 

9. Sylvia Tennant

Sylvia is an incredible jewelry designer I was blessed to work with on The Mindful Pop-up. Her pieces are stunning, and truly unique. I love watching her business grow from year to year, and wearing her pieces always makes me feel like a boss. 

10. Jacquelyn Clark - Lark & Linen

Another powerhouse business woman whose interior design work is going to be the reason I try to own three or four homes. Just so she can bring her incredible touch to them all.