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I did something new tonight. To be honest, I went in not expecting much and I've walked out incredibly jazzed. Tonight I attended a live taping for a podcast, and I was rocked with some real gems of inspiration. 

So of course I'm going to share! 

Tonight, Sam Laliberte taped three episodes of her Freedom Lifestyle podcast, What's Your Free, live in Toronto's Richmond St. WeWork coworking space. I've wanted to check out this recently opened space for months now. And it was worth the wait. I didn't make it past the ground floor, but I could have spent hours just chilling in their community lounge area the event took place in. 

The podcast series, about to launch season two, explores the movement towards freedom in life and work. Tonight, Sam interviewed Maggie Fogg, Karl Conrad and Hannah Kovacs. All three are living life by their own terms in very different ways, but all three shared some incredible wisdom that will support any hustler looking to break free of their 9-to-5. 

the importance of finding your niche

Maggie Fogg worked remotely for a year, traveling around the globe while she did it. And when Maggie began to work remotely, she also began to freelance full-time. 

Can we take a moment to recognize how incredibly BRAVE this woman is, to jump into working remotely for a year and to start full-time freelancing all in one.  

What stood out to me in Maggie's experience was her initial assumptions on going into freelancing. As a marketing manager with a wealth of experience, Maggie thought her breadth would be appealing to clients. In reality, Maggie found how vital it was to know your niche and to be able to communicate your niche. 

Personally, it's something I struggle with the most. Every day. 

what's the balance between your creative process, and what the data and your audience are telling you? 

To be clear - I don't know the answer to this. The interview didn't give that answer. I don't think it's possible to answer in a 20-30 minute podcast anyway. But it's important for all creative entrepreneurs to think about this, and to find their own balance. And to be mindful in listening to both your creative drive and the information provided to you. 

Again, it is something I struggle with every day as well. I haven't found my balance yet. I love data. I love listening to what my audience (hey, that's you!) wants. But I know I need to stay true to my creative self at the same time, and do what feels authentic to me. 

What's your balance? 

be shameless

If you're a tradition-breaking hustler, you need to be shameless in your self-promotion. You are your biggest champion, and people need to know what you're doing to support what you're doing. So don't be afraid to tell people to follow you on social, check out your website and sign-up for your newsletter. 

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