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Within the short period of two-weeks, I uprooted my comfortable Vancouver life and moved to Toronto. Now you find me working in Public Relations for a non-profit supporting young entrepreneurs as I set my sights on building my own creative empire. 

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galentines or valentines, you need to make this meal

galentines or valentines, you need to make this meal

Three months in this city and I've picked up my old staple of cooking vegan meals for the people I love. Now in 239 square feet, I can't have the epic dinner parties on my balcony that I used to. But I can still create that classic Megan's hosting environment for two! 

Which is why I realized, while cooking dinner for my girl Chris, that the meal I was making would be perfect for the next 'holiday' coming up. Whether you celebrate Valentines Day, or Galentines Day, or screw it I'm single day, whip together this amazing Burrito Bowl from Oh She Glows - my go to for new vegan recipes. I also made us this delicious Chilled Dark Chocolate Pie with a few modifications, and with one bite I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 

First, strawberries like the recipe called for are not in season. And apparently, not in season fruits are even worse in Toronto than they are in Vancouver. But I picked up some decent looking blackberries and heated them up with organic maple syrup and a touch of cornstarch. I also had to use coconut flour instead of oat flour for the crust, which gave the meal a bit of a different texture but overall worked well. 

So this February, as we celebrate the one(s) we love, even if that means celebrating ourself, be sure to make a good meal and enjoy the moment. Send some photos my way too! I'd love to see what you create. 

blackberries for pie
use cold coconut milk for pie filling
tastes great melted too
vegan burrito bowl fixings
pie for valentines
blackberry Vanilla Compote
delicious vegan burrito bowl
bubbly rose
perfect slice of pie
six realities of dating when you're an entrepreneur

six realities of dating when you're an entrepreneur

a planes, trains, and automobiles holiday

a planes, trains, and automobiles holiday