get giving

This season is filled with friends, family and love. It is the time where we gather our communities, share food and exchange gifts as a way to show appreciation for the ones who matter most. Many of us spend weeks thinking over the perfect gift for the perfect person, one that speaks to their authentic self. Others spend the last few hours of Christmas Eve trying to do the exact same thing with panic flowing through their veins. No matter which type you are, or if you belong somewhere in between, we've created some amazing gift guides to help you find your way. Over the next seven days, a new guide will be shared with a specific kind of person in mind. So lets start by looking at the people we're shopping for.

the boho spirit

Freedom and adventure ignites their spirit. They walk their own path and have a blast while doing it. A little wild, but always supportive of their tribe. Sees beauty in the unique. Lover of art and culture.

the goal getter

goal getter.jpg

Actively perusing their dreams. The kind of person who continually amazes you with all they have accomplished and all they keep setting out to do. A leader and eternal optimist. Empowers and supports you in going after ideas that excite you so much they're scary.

the vino

The person who picks the bottle for the table, but always makes sure to find out what you'll be eating first. The one who recognizes a label and has probably been to the winery. Absolute wine lover. Probably has a glass in hand now.

the wanderlust

Envisions cities near and far. Craver of cultures and languages they can't understand. Has collected so many frequent flyer miles they can buy an airline. Always ready for the next big trip. And always brings the most amazing souvenirs back for you.

the feminist

Not afraid to call out misogyny or point out your sexist jokes. Connected to her female identity. Cares about how women are viewed in the world and longs for equality. Does not hate men, just wishes for fairness in our male-centric culture. Still loves self-indulgence.

the sweater

Runner, gym rat and yogi's alike. Health and fitness is a central aspect of their life. The one you go to for the best green smoothie recipe. Not afraid of five a.m. wake up calls if it means a workout.

the gifts that give back

For those who appreciate not being the only one who receives. Where the gift gives twice. These are the gifts with social meaning. They are special in their own rights, but also provide for others.