getting out of the city

Unemployment has been an interesting experience so far. I didn't expect just how jarring it would be. But it's also given me time to find clarity in what I want in life, and opportunities for what truly brings me joy. Opportunities like the time to go back to the country. 

My adventures to the apple farm reminded me how much I enjoy being out in the countryside. Well, at least the West Coast version of countryside. So I hopped in the car and went back to my roots. 

I did a one-day drive with stops in Abbotsford and Chilliwack, the city I grew up in. When in Abbotsford I was in a shopping mindset, and the historical Montrose street was the perfect place. Top three must visit spots? Montrose & George General Store, Spruce Collective, and The Market By Spruce Collective. I also stopped at a high-tea spot for lunch (and happened to be the only one in at the time!)

Chilliwack was a little different. I have aways missed driving by the farms and seeing fresh fruit and vegetable stands selling on the street. While there, I chose to meander down the long, straight farm roads, stopping only to check out what might be available for purchase (and for some adorable chickens of course!). 

A day-trip was a perfect escape. Keep scrolling to check out the photos I managed to snap along my trip! 

Montrose & George, Abbotsford visit
Vancouver Candle Co Abbotsford shopping
I could fall madly in bed with you
Spruce Collective, Abbotsford visit
Handmade vintage shop
handmade vintage shopping Abbotsford
vintage and antiques Abbotsford
vintage and antiques, Abbotsford shopping
vintage pink seating, Abbotsford
high tea, Abbotsford
tea china
high tea, petite fours
Chilliwack farm shopping
farm home Chilliwack
Chilliwack trust
Chilliwack chickens


Locations: Abbotsford, BC and Chilliwack, BC
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D

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