Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs


One very important question has been on top of my mind lately: where the hell did 2018 go? Seriously, how is it December - I’m not ready! But the calendar waits for no one, and there are a lot of things on my to-do list this month despite my lack of mental, or actual, preparedness.

But that’s for another blog. This is a much more exciting post!

I love writing my holiday gift guides every year. It’s really just an excuse to window shop for all the things I want every year. And after nearly six months of full-time entrepreneurship, this year’s list is all about the gifts you should get for the business owner in your life.

Everything on this list comes from my own experience of thinking ‘damn, I wish I had this!’. There’s mix of practical and fun, food and lifestyle. There are products I’ve tried and loved, as well as products I’m wishing I had in my life. Take a look at the list below then let me know what your entrepreneur will find under the tree!


10 gifts for the entrepreneur in your life

  1. The Content Planner. Because no matter what industry they are in, content matters.

  2. Good headphones. I’ve learned quickly that in, in coworking spaces especially, headphones come in handy. They don’t have to be Beats exactly, but that rose gold colour sure doesn’t hurt.

  3. Self care time. From manis to blow-outs, a little TLC goes a long way and helps your entrepreneur friend put their best face forward for their business. I love getting my nails done at The Ten Spot and my hair perfect at Blo Blow Dry Bar.

  4. Tease Tea Golden Slumbers. Entrepreneurship has seriously messed with my ability to sleep, and this tea blend helps me calm my mind and release my anxiety to get a better night’s rest.

  5. Cute office decor. I spotted this globe at Anthropologie the other day and fell in love. But being a cash flow-minded entrepreneur, I couldn’t justify spending the money on it myself. Getting your entrepreneur friend something cute they’d love for the office helps brighten their work day and keeps them guilt-free when they look at it!

  6. Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. Whether they have employees or not, every entrepreneur needs to be a great leader. And as the description says, “Leadership is not about titles, status, and wielding power. A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas, and has the courage to develop that potential.”

  7. Goodfood subscription. Or just food in general. Whether funds are tight and I’m living off cheap raman, or I’m strapped for time to make it to the store, I never seem to be able to get myself some good food.

  8. A high-quality, structured bag. Being a hot-desking, coworking entrepreneur, my office comes with me everywhere in my bag. So my bag has to be able to handle heavy use. That being said, my bag leaves an impression when I meet potential new clients for lunch as well, so it needs to be clean and represent my brand. Personally, I’m drooling over this Kate Spade bag (or any Kate Spade bag really), but a bespoke bag like those made by Cassandra Moy would also be amazing!

  9. A cellphone tripod. Take it from this content creator, a little phone stability goes a long way in improving content quality. And a flexible stand comes in handy! Help your entrepreneur improve their content marketing with a super affordable tool.

  10. The Stil Moderna Wallet. The more traveling I do for my agency, the more I wish I had this wallet. Expertly designed to fit cards, cash, receipts, business cards, and your passport? Goodbye fumbling and hello sleek style!