Why I Love Gifting 100% Natural Products

Toronto is going through some serious weather changes lately. And I’m not talking the lovely transition from summer to snow. Each week is something different, from warm sun to cold winds, rainy days to freezing chills. And it’s wrecking havoc on my skin.

Which is why I am so grateful for the luscious skin care products in my life, especially those that are 100% natural. These days I am loving products from BC-based Scentuals. From my face, to my hands, and even to my new signature scent, these natural and organic beauty products have me covered. Plus they have plenty of non-lavender options which is a must for this crazy ‘allergic to lavender’ body!!


I first became obsessed about the roll-on oils and perfume. Anyone who knows me knows I despise synthetic perfume smells, especially when it comes to flowers and spices. Which is why I’m happy this Wild Rose Perfume is anything but synthetic. Made from 100% natural ingredients and no alcohol, it’s a light perfume that feels both delicately feminine and bold.

Then, when days become hectic at the office (which is becoming the regular as we near the holiday season), I take two seconds to dab on some of the Balance blend roll-on. It really helps that it’s easy to toss in my purse and take with me from the office, to meetings, to home for when Smudge drives me up the wall.

roll on scents.JPG

Because these products are made from natural ingredients, I feel a lot safer gifting them to others. Not only is there less of a chance they’ll experience a bad reaction to the product, I’m actually gifting them something that is better for their body, and typically better for the environment.

And in my industry, I gift a lot. From thank-you gifts, to holiday gifts… birthday gifts and just-because, I’m always on the look out for great natural products to add to my gift rotation. And with the season of giving just around the corner, I plan on stocking up on some natural beauty products to have on-hand, ready for the wrapper.

rose face oil.JPG

What about you! Do you have any go-to gifts you keep in mind for when the need arises? Let me know, I always need to add to my gift selection!

This post was supported by Scentuals Natural & Organic Skin Care. Thanks for the love Scentuals!