headed to T.O.

Blink and your whole life can change. 

So far, that has been what it's felt like. I blinked, and my life changed. One month ago, I was freaking out to the max, not knowing where or how I'd end up. But I stayed determined to 'make lemonade' as I said. And what do you know, I pressed out some of the best lemonade you could ask for. 

In less than two weeks, I am moving half-way across the country and settling down in Toronto, Ontario. Hold on, deep breath self -- you wrote that right. Toronto. #The6ix. The place that think's it's the best spot in Canada. 

The how, why, and where will come soon. You bet you can follow along on this insane journey both here and on Instagram. But for now, I have a lot to do and very little time to do it in!!