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Naturally, I am a somewhat messy person. I do not have the internal drive to keep everything in my apartment neat and organized. It's not my proudest character trait, but it is a fact. When my mental health is well maintained, I'm really good at keeping my natural messy inclinations in check. I've always said you can tell how my health is based on the state of my apartment. 

But when it comes to my workspace, things must be kept tidy. I cannot work well when my desk is a mess. I often change around little bits and pieces to keep my desk fresh, and often keep my space cheerful with fresh flowers. I have one, sometimes two, go-to crystals in sight and essential oils a reach away. 

Other desk essentials include my Stil Design Love Planner and a gorgeous mousepad, that doubles as a notepad, to help keep my thoughts sorted. Plus I always have water near by to stay hydrated! 

I'll admit to one other must-have on my desk to keep me motivated and my work creative. I keep a copy of my business card in sight, right under my desktop. It inspires me to push harder, keep moving, and make my freelance pursuits a success. Do you have any odd habits like this that keep you on your A-Game? Let me know in the comments below! 

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