How I Spent 24 Hours Unwinding At Viamede Resort

I’ve always been a fan of escaping to the woods to work. I love to reconnect with nature in order to jumpstart my creativity while resetting my mental health. And I was long over-due for a working vacation out of the city. So I packed my bags and headed up to Viamede Resort in order to spend the last week of October sipping coffee by the lake and creating content in the trees for three bliss-filled days. And I have to say, the trip did not disappoint.

Viamede Resort is a stunning historic resort on Stoney Lake in the Kawartha Lakes Region. About a two-hour drive from Toronto, this was the first spot I visited out of the city that made me realize I could see myself settling in the province of Ontario. The resort’s rustic-cozy vibes paired with the countless resort activities available make Viamede a favourite place for me to escape to.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I used every minute of my getaway to the fullest. But I wanted to share the highlights of my trip with you with a quick video - just click on the pig’s nose to see what 24 hours spent at Viamede Resort can bring you.

It has been over two years since I was able to escape to the woods to create. My last trip was to Squamish in 2016. It seems like a common theme for these getaways is the presence of a farm. Where once it was chickens I obsessed over, now it was the four amazing pigs on the Viamede farm. I think I took about 100 photos of them. The farm also had chickens previously - they had been relocated for winter I believe. There were also turkeys and a quail still present for the chillier October days.


One of the great things about Viamede is the food - and a lot of the ingredients are sourced locally if not grown or raised on the property. There are three places you can grab food and drink on the resort, but The Boathouse closes down for the winter. 1885 serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the off season. It also offers fireside couches, board games, darts, ping pong, and foosball. Then there’s Mount Julian, which is a dinning experience so incredible it’s getting a blog of its own in the coming days.

Ontarians are known for going to the ‘cottage’ in the summers, but being a West Coast girl through-and-through, the thought always made me giggle. First of all, cabins are a lot cooler. But now that I’ve spent a weekend here, I might just have to become one of those Ontarians that takes it one step further to spend a weekend in a private cabin on the lake at Viamede Resort.

This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between In A Sequoia and Viamede Resort.