joyful with minted

My family isn't necessarily big on traditions, but the fact that I won't be home for the holidays is kind of a big deal. In my small family, I'm essentially the only one of my generation. My closest cousins are in California or Saskatchewan. For most of my life, the Christmas dinner consisted of my parents, their parents, and my parent's parent's mothers while they were alive. 

We also hosted what I liked to consider my adopted family at times - my brother and his parents for example. But these past few years have been just family, and that family is small. One missing member makes a huge difference. This year, that missing member is me. 

In 24 years I hadn't missed a dinner - this includes a Christmas I had pneumonia and I should have missed the dinner. But with 4,365 KM between us, it's just not feasible to go home this year, and I know that's got to be tough on my loved ones back in BC. So I wanted to do something special to let them all know how much they mean to me. 

In the age of emoticon text messages, the value in snail mail has increased exponentially. With a tight I-just-moved-across-the-country budget in mind, snail mail was just the holiday cheer I knew I needed to bring. I turned to Minted to help me create the perfect holiday love note for everyone in my life, and I found the most beautiful card amongst their always incredible selection (complete with rose gold foil!). Because I'm such a scattered brain, I took advantage of Minted's complimentary envelope design and recipient addressing so that all I had to do when they arrived was write my individual note to everyone then add a stamp! Honestly, once I tracked down everyone's address I couldn't believe how easy it was or how much time it saved me. And the quality is better than anything I've found in a store - Minted makes sure of that! 

Easily being able to send out my holiday cards while I still settled into my new East Coast life helped give me some peace of mind during this crazy season. Sending these bits of love their way eased any solo-Christmas depression I may have been feeling. Our lives change a lot over a year, and I am so grateful to Minted for making this big change a little easier to deal with. 

Minted joyful holiday
joyful holiday card
Christmas card from afar
rose gold foil holiday card


Cards: Designed + Printed with Minted
Location: The Toronto Apartment
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D