New York in 48 hours

In June, I spent 48 hours with my family in New York City. 

You might be asking yourself two questions here:

  1. June was ages ago, why did this take so long?
  2. Wait, didn't you also only spend 24 hours in Montreal - what's with these short travels?

The answer to both of those is the same - that's the entrepreneur life man! When I got back from New York, I went full speed ahead in planning to launch the business and the Boss Babe Brunch, so I didn't have time to edit the content I captured in New York. Also, I couldn't afford to spend more than 48 hours there. But honestly, I kind of love these short trips. I become hyper focused on remaining present and enjoying the time I have in the city. 

Streets and colours of New York
Near Central Park
Subway station, New York

We covered so many miles of Manhattan. From Harlem to the Upper East Side, the 9/11 memorial to The Met. We traveled the subway and we blended with the crowd in Times Square. New York is known as a city of energy and it didn't disappoint. Even though it was go, go, go, I felt full of life and eager to do more. 

The Apolo
The Flatiron Building
Times Square
The Statue of Liberty, New York

How did we manage to do so much in such a short time? My all new favourite quick vacation tip: the hop-on, hop-off bus! A typical tourist attraction, sure. But the first ride helps orient you with the new city, learn where all the key spots are, and share some cool insights to the city you wouldn't have learned before. Then you can use the bus as your mode of transportation, rather than spending more on public transit or cabs. 

I can't believe I finally experienced so many of the places I've dreamed of seeing. I could have spent a whole day or two in The Met alone. I walked on Wall Street and stood with The Fearless Girl. The only thing I really missed out on was spotting a celebrity living their life!

The Fearless Girl
View from The Freedom Tower
The Wall Street Bull
Chrystler or the Empire State Building - can you tell?

My only regret is not eating more food. But the food we did have was incredible. 

One of the most emotional experiences for me was One World Trade and the 9/11 Memorial. I know there's no surprise there, of course. I still remember watching the events of that day unfold on the crappy tv's in my elementary school library. And I was moved to learn they place a white rose in the cut outs of each name on their birthday. It was an unforgettable moment to stand in reflection on those grounds.

What remains of a sculpture that stood between the Twin Towers
Ladder 3
Happy Birthday

The timing of my visit also meant I was fortunate enough to see the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibit at The Met. Then if that wasn't jaw-dropping enough, I stood in rooms surrounded by Monet, van Gogh, and a woman of easy virtue.

Stairs of The Met
Heavenly Bodies
Heavenly Bodies
The death of Socrates
A woman of easy virtue
A man in agony statue

I can't wait to return and experience more of what the city has to offer. I'm now dreaming of aquiring New York-based clients that I can travel to and create content for in the city where some of the best content is made. I want to read in Central Park and get coffee in my version of Central Perk. 

In the meantime, you can experience 48 hours in New York in only 48 seconds. I made a video! 48 one-second clips showcasing one of the most exciting trips I've taken yet. Give it a watch then let me know: what are your must-visit spots in New York city?