Three Down, So Much More To Go

Last week I launched my third business.

Not my third business overall, no that number is a little higher now. This is the third business currently in operations. My second business in the span of eight months. In a completely different industry than the previous two.

Don’t worry, I’m also asking myself ‘what am I thinking’!?

But this business is so personal to me. It was something that I had to do. Seriously, I’d lie awake at night thinking about how urgently this business was needed. It was something bigger than myself, a calling I had to answer to.

I also like to call it my ‘accidental business’ because originally this was something just for me. But when I started wearing my little creation out in public, I realized I had something very powerful and very influential on my hands.

One in Five Apparel Friends

Last week, I finally launched One in Five Apparel. Now that it’s live, it feels so good. I’ve taken the insights and learnings from previous product businesses I’ve played with and upgraded elements I’ve missed in my life. Does anyone remember the Vibrant Lives Foundation? Say hello to The Living With Scholarship! Completely funded by the One in Five sales.

One in Five Apparel designs simple but powerful conversation starters that empower you to influence change on how we perceive mental illness. I’ve launched with just a few products to start, and have plans to introduce new items sooner than you think!

Learn more about why I started this new line

You can check out the site at or shop directly from In A Sequoia here! I can’t wait to hear what you think about my latest venture.