pink tutus for pitbulls

Earlier this September, the city of Montreal passed a bylaw banning pitbulls and pitbull-like dogs. Essentially if your dog has a blocky-head, it would be a no-go in Canada's second largest city. The SPCA immediately began legal action against this and so far have been successful in suspending the ban. But the fight is far from over. 

The ban comes from miseducation and stigma surrounding blocky-headed dogs, as well as poor ownership. Which is why I love one vet's response to the ban: Pink Tutu For Pitbulls. Maple Ridge vet Adrian Walton and the rest of the staff at his Animal Hospital wore bright pink tutus for a week as a way to generate discussion about the bylaw. It of course resulted in some fantastic social media generated photos of dogs wearing tutus. For more on how it all started, check out the original video from Dr. Adrian Walton himself. 

Of course, my BBF Stefania of Mindful Mutts couldn't pass this up. We partnered to do a photoshoot fundraiser for Hugabull Advocacy and Rescue, where owners signed up their dog for a tutu photo for only a $20 donation. Our day was quickly booked, and I walked away with some adorable dog photos featuring tutus.

Many of the pups were new to Mindful Mutts, so it was nice to make some new four-legged friends. We had a mix of breeds visit us for the day, some pitties some not. And the most nervous dogs to join us were the pitbulls by far, and often they were the sweetest too. 

Check out some of the adorable shots from the #pinktutu4pitbulls photoshoot below. 

dog tutu pitbull
tutus for pitbulls
minpin for tutus
pugs for pitbulls in tutus
pugs for pitbulls
dog in tutu
dog jumping out of tutu
dog wink tutu
boston terrier tutu
tutus for pitbulls
dog tutu
dog in tutu
Dog jump in tutu
dog rainbow tutu
huskie tutu
pit bull in tutu


Location: Mindful Mutts
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D

CareerMegan te Boekhorst