playing in a virtual world

I studied Interactive Art & Technology at a time where Virtual Reality (VR) was still inaccessible to the masses. It was fun to hypothesize the possibilities and theorize how the technology could be used, but it was not yet in the realm of feasibility to test and execute on the world. Today, not that long after I graduated, the world is a different place. And when my parents visited the other week, I took them to the House of VR

By far, the most amazing part was the mixed reality green screen experience, which I captured in the photos below. Warning: you will look like an idiot. But it is so much fun. Because of the green screen set up, your friends and family can watch the reality you are experiencing in the screen near by. And when you are wearing the goggles, you are surrounded by a whole new world and become completely enveloped in it. If something is flying towards your face, you jump to get out of its way - even if that doesn't help you win the game. When I'm holding a lightsaber, and turned to speak with my parents, I become worried I am hitting them in the face with a deadly laser. 

The problem? It's a learning curve, and you're paying for time. My family and I only really figured out how to play one of the many games available, and struggled to learn the different options available for a massive chunk of our time. And this has nothing to do with our naiveté - we are very tech-savvy folk. But once we got the hang of it, we really got into the one game we played. 

The hour we spent at House of VR had me brainstorming the possibilities of VR once again. But what was different this time is the idea that my ideas are becoming more and more accessible as technology continually evolves.