read my lips

I'm not a big make-up person (and I'm certainly not skilled at applying it like the talented beauty bloggers out there). But I love lipstick. It's the one bit of make-up I'll splurge on. And it's the one bit I find has the most impact on my day. 

I often find the lipstick I pick sets my mood for the day. Or maybe the mood of the day determines the lipstick I pick? Chicken or egg, I love what my lipstick choice says about me. So I'm sharing my favourite three shades and how they impact my attitude. 


sophisticated (and kind of sexy)

I'm obsessed with Velvet Teddy from MAC. It's soft, smooth and oh so sexy. When I put this on, I am so ready to enter my day and create amazing work. This nude goes with everything and sets a sophisticated tone for my day. If I need to produce amazing content, I'm getting a touch of Velvet Teddy on my lips. 



If I need to feel like a rockstar who is on-top of it all, I pull out my Snow White from NYX. It's my date night look, my big meeting look and my rock the world look. A classic red is never wrong. 


Cool tones always compliment my features better, so this cool shade of purple is an easy choice when I want to feel confident in who I am, and what I believe. MAC rocks it with Heroine. Purple, an bolder choice, made me nervous at first. But now it brings a confidence out in me that I hadn't felt before. 

I love starting my day off with a strong lipstick. Especially when it's one of these three. 

And yes, I did dye my hair purple underneath. More on that one day.