summer solstice in toronto

The summer solstice holds great significance in my life. It is a time for celebration, to honour the universe and to spend time with those who are important to you. I think I'm particularly connected to the summer solstice as a Leo due to its long-time association with light, fire and power. 

The solstice is a time to bring new energy to ideas or projects. Or to rejuvenate old relationships. The warmth of the sun and longer, hotter days also remind us of the importance in finding balance between intense activity and lazy, blissful hours of doing nothing.

Last year, I began the tradition of hosting an annual summer solstice dinner party. With all the changes in my life these past twelve months, I chose to use this year's dinner as a way to celebrate and thank the people who have made Toronto feel like home for me each and every day. 

I wanted the evening to have a bright, vibrant and joyous vibe. So I set the tone from the start by sending beautiful, colourful invitations to each guest. Because there were a lot of people I wanted to thank, this year's dinner was hosted at a lovely Italian restuarant, Noce, where we had a steady stream of delicious dishes with fresh food to nibble on as we enjoyed each other's company and incredible wines from my friends at XOXO Wines

When they arrived, each guest was greeted with a mini thank you gift including a drink ticket, a lovely air plant or succulent, and two crystals - usually amethyst and rose quartz. They could have either the XOXO Pinot Grigio Chardonnay straight, or in a refreshing cocktail custom made by the Noce bartender which accented the wine's crisp, bright flavour perfectly. We then sat down long-table style on the patio and talked as the sun slowly, slowly set. 

And not a drop of XOXO Wine was left. 


Wine: kindly supplied by XOXO Wines
Location: Noce Restuarant Patio
Photographer: Megan te Boekhorst
Camera: Canon 60D